"Whatever else astronomy may or may not be who can doubt it to be the most beautiful of the sciences?"

-- Isaac Asimov


The difference practice can make


A few of my efforts


SQM ASCOM Serial driver

Light Pollution

Regaining the stars

Light Pollution Map

When choosing a location for observation, light pollution plays an important part. Use this interactive map to see how your area compares.

Sky Quality Meter

Unihedron produces a range of Sky Quality Monitors that can be used to measure the quality of your sky. Some astronomy automation packages can now make use of these devices.

About Me

I live in the east of Ireland, and work in the Information Services area of an insurance company. I have always had a love of the sky. Once I saw what could be achieved by amateurs using consumer-level equipment, I was hooked.

Social Astronomy

Astronomy can often be a solitary pastime. However, any opportunity to view with friends should be grabbed. It's a chance to learn and inform. In Ireland, groups like the Dublin Stargazers Group give people a chance to meet and share the viewing experience.

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