SQM Serial Driver


Unihedron produces a device called the Sky Quality Meter. This device produces menaurements for the quality of the sky (i.e. presence or lack of light pollution)

A number of companies produce astronomy automation software. This software can manage the mount, imaging camera, focuser, guide camera, and potentially any other equipment connected to the installation.

The ASCOM standard provides a link between automation software and the equipment being controlled.

Before now, the Unihedron Sky Quality meters have not had ASCOM drivers to allow access from astronomy software. As a result, I blew the dust off my PC, and wrote an ASCOM driver for SQM devices that present a serial COM port interface or a TCP interface. I.e, the devices in the SQM-LU, SQM-LR, and SQM-LE families.


You are installing this at your own risk.

It's 32-bit only. This is no problem in most cases. E.g. I have used it on Sequence Generator Pro on my 64-bit Windows 10 machine. It would only be a problem for software that is written to be 64-bit.

The configuration window allows you to select the COM port (SQM-LU or SQM-LR), or IP Address/Port (SQM-LE) - it also offers "Simulate", which simulates readings rather than connecting to a real SQM device.

The option to return the temperature in Farenheit is not an ASCOM standard. It may cause other software to behave incorrectly, if you configure this driver to return Farenheit temperatures when consuming software assumes celcius values.